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Hey Karen/Kaitlin I can make office hours on monday!

~Brittany Ballard


Throughout today’s discussion I was happy that I was able to get my points across, however I wish more people jumped right into the conversation.  Connor- I felt like you had a lot of great points.  I enjoyed the style of our class today and thought it was a good way to wrap up our reading, and openly collect our thoughts.  I found that most of us agreed on the majority of points raised by our class which I felt added to the discussion.  I feel like we are finally able to be open in class and share our opinions.  Hopefully the rest of our time together will be the same way. On a completely different subject, I am really excited to tune into this second life planned for next class.  I hope everyone has a good week!


Hey Class!

 I felt that the start of our discussion about the memoir was very successful.  I know my group was personally very involved in our conversation.  I am hoping we can continue talking about several of the subjects within the book, including acceptance along with the many examples of diversity.  I also thought that today’s guests were very beneficial. I’m not going to lie I never thought that all students were welcome at each organization.  It sounds to me like SGA has so much to offer, and I know now how much I should be getting involved with.  Today’s class I feel we got a lot accomplished.  I hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween celebrations.


  I really enjoyed sundays performance of Misery.  I loved that we got outside of the SUNY Cortland campus, and got to visit my hometown of Syracuse.  Throughout high school Syracuse stage is where the majority of my field trips have been.  I have seen over ten plays produced there, and Stephen King’s misery is now higher on my list of favorites.  This play was so much different than the ones I’m used to seeing.  We never get the opportunity to see these more mysterious plays, how perfect timing this was due to the Halloween season.  The two actors in this play were absolutely dynamic.  They were both so strong and realistic.  I agree with Meg in regards to the great light usage… it really added to the overall experience.  The set was absolutely amazing, rich in detail.  Overall I think our field trip was a success.


 I am so excited about our discussion in class tomorrow about this book.  I feel that I have selected a very powerful passage and I hope it captivates the class, as much as I have been.  This is really going to be a very intellectual discussion, and I feel that we are really going to get into it.  Bring your thinking caps cause this is going to be very deep.  There are so many different aspects we can talk about in regards to this book.


This upcoming weekend, cortlands theatre program is putting on their first official musical of the year.  The play is, “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and looks to be pretty good.  I know Danielle and I have been working on the set for our theatre lab and from the behind the scenes aspect it looks as if the show is going to have a great set with a lot of scenery changes.  I know we plan on attending this musical thursday evening, the show however runs seven performances.  If you go thursday its only 4 dollars, compared to the regular price of seven dollars.  It starts at eight and last roughly two hours and twenty minutes.  If you are bored or want to change up you weekend a little, check it out.  It looks like it should be pretty decent.

I thought that today’s visit to the library was very beneficial.  I never really realized that there was a north and south wing.  Also prior to today I never realized there was the opportunity to get a study carroll, that is something Im definitely going to look into.  I am actually heading over to the library now!

~Britt Ballard

Hello class,

  Today I enjoyed lunch with Karen, Kaitlin, and Kyle..we dined at the colloquium on the second floor of old main.  I must say I highly recommend the chicken ceaser sandwich.  On top of discovering a great new place to eat, I also discovered how little I know about my classmates.  So in conclusion we came up with the idea of a fun way to get to know each other a little more.  Next wednesday before our cor class meets at the bookmark, I am asking that each of us get there at 2:45 opposed to 3:00.  This additional time will allow us to get an iced tea and pastry and also give us some time to chat.  I am creating a list of twenty questions that I think we should all think about, and share our answers when we meet up.  Here’s the list of some..please feel free to add your own questions.  Just think about your answers and make sure you come ready to be open and talk prior to wednesday’s library expedition.  If you decide that you just cannot wait that long to get talking to one another, please by all means respond on here.  This is going to add some flavor to our blogs, and add many more possibilities for extended conversation.  I know that just after lunch today, I found that Kyle is a musician and is actually an active performer.  How exciting is that?! See we just met for a short period of time today, but if all of us as a class get talking as our lunch group did today, we can create further connections within our cor class.  Although we only have fifty minutes to meet with each other a week, this blog is around 24/7.  So have a look at these questions, respond or even add new questions if you’d like.  I know these questions are corny, but hey once we answer them, we will know that much more about one another.  Have a great weekend everyone!

  1. Favorite Color?
  2. Favorite Music Style/Artist/Song?
  3. Why SUNY Cortland?
  4. If you could travel to one country other than the U.S.A., where would you go?
  5. Favorite Food?
  6. Where do you reside on campus?
  7. Favorite book/author?
  8. Favorite thing to do over the summer?
  9. Hometown?
  10. Siblings?
  11. What do your parents do for a living?
  12. Favorite Movie?
  13. Do you have any pets?
  14. Do you have any hidden talents?
  15. Do you have a current significant other?
  16. What is your favorite holiday?
  17. What is your favorite thing to do at college?
  18. What is one thing you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?
  19. What are three personality traits you think you have?
  20. Favorite class here at SUNY Cortland?

Alright class think about these, I know they are silly, but I think they will help us get to know each other.  Once again happy break, and I will see you all on wednesday!

~Brittany Ballard

Hey class! Now I was just thinking about an activity that our class could do.  We should all do Relay For Life.  What better way to help out a great cause, than having a great time doing it.  Relay for life is when teams of people walk laps for about 12 hours.  People tent out after and make it such a great time, there’s food and a bunch of other things that make it definitiely worth while.  All of this fun for a fantastic cause.  It all goes towards research for cancer.  If you are indeed interested, I have formed a team with my residence hall. (Cheney) So if you aren’t already on a team, or your dorm doesn’t offer one, feel free to join ours.  There is a minimum of a ten dollar donation, and due to the fact that our team roster is due Monday (sorry about the short notice) I need to know as soon as possible. I think this is a great cause, and if we all go we can get to know each other that much better.  There is also a kickoff party for it on Monday the 1st.  Here is some more information about that:Check out a Relay for Life
Kick-Off Party!!

When? Monday October 1st
Where? Moffett Front Lawn 12-2
Corey Function Room 7-8
Why? Information! Food! Fun!

Questions: Contact

Sponsored by CAC, Funded by MAF

So I hope this interests you, and please let me know if you want to join. Thanks!

-Brittany Ballard

  I really enjoyed Mr. McKibben’s presentation this evening.  I felt that his presentation style was very beneficial mainly because he was so realistic.  On top of presenting a plethera of information I felt that he provided humor and made connections that us as students can relate to.  I checked out the website he talked about and found it very informative.  The students involved are very dedicated an it seems to me that Bill’s turtle is doing whatever it takes to fight the on going issue of global warming along with other environmental issues.  When he was presenting I didn’t feel at all like he was overbearing with too many facts, the way he made references to “the oversized houses on culdesac.” I found it humorous yet real and informative.  In regards to the November 3rd organization for the informational sessions, I think that it a great idea.  The previous attempt on April 14th brought attention of these issues to 1,400 people.  Now that people know that it was a success I feel more people are going to want to have an even bigger turnout next time.  This presentation was a real eye-opener and I think it was beneficial for us to see.

-Britt Ballard

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