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okay i just want to get a few things in order. Are we going out to dinner or lunch? when are the new times for our conferences? annnnd no class tomorrow?



I’m glad we finally got the opportunity to attend second life. It kind of reminded me of the SIMS games I used to play as a kid but it seemed to be much more advanced. I was shocked when he said people make their living on second life by actually buying and trading merchandise or selling. When we read that article awhile ago about all books becoming electronic I think that might be in our near future. Second life was basically the world except electronically. I want to make one and learn more about it.

Meghan Bathke

A few Saturdays ago I went to the relay for life and had a blast. I have never been able to do this in the past because every year it fell on the same day as our prom. However, I am really glad I got to go this year. I thought it was just going to be people sitting around hanging out but it turned into much more. There was a band, activities/contests, dance lessons, and an opportunity to walk to or who have survived or are suffering from cancer.Meghan Bathke

I was just looking through the syllabus to see if I had completed everything for this class as were now in the home stretch of the semester. One specific aspect I was looking for is the events we have to attend. I had a problem finding which ones these were and wanted to make sure i went to all the recquired ones. HELP?!?

This weekend was so much fun I never wanted it to end. I meet a lot of new people because i think the size of our campus doubled at least with all of the visitors and all in all it was a fun time. I was really psyched to go to a football game because since the 6th grade I had been performing at all of our football games at half time, so i never got to experience just going to the game. It kind of stunk that we lost because we had won the last two years but none the less i cant wait till next years when it will be home!

Meghan Bathke

I was kind of dissapointed that we did not end up doing the second life last class, but, our Teach With Your Heart discussion was alright. Personally, I am not a fan of big group discussions and I would choose to talk in small groups over large groups any day. However this is just because i get really bad anxiety with public speaking and talking to bigger groups. I feel that our talk on last Wednesday would have been a little more relaxed had everyone spoke their mind and  if we just bounced back and forth off each others thoughts and ideas rather than being asked questions and put on the spot. All in all it was an okay class discussion and a good book.

I felt that the tunnel of oppression was definitely worth going to even though we had to wait for 2 hours to even get in! I felt that a lot of the scenes were pretty graphic and definitely eye opening to what is actually going on. Things are always more realistic when you can actual visualize them instead of just reading about them. However, I did like how they stopped each one and gave statistics; I wished they had talked a little more about each one. I also liked how the tour guides were trying to act like we were being oppressed by yelling at us and making us feel how the people in the scenes were feeling.

Meghan Bathke 

This seems to be the topic on everyone’s mind these past few days that is causing a lot of frustration. I had two questions that I thought I would just throw out here to see if anyone knew the answers before I went to the departments and asked. The first one is I plan on taking ANT 102 and it fits in the GE3 category and the GE6 category. If I take this class will it count for both of those GE’s? Secondly, I know a few of you are in GLY 160 now with me and I was wondering if you knew the next science to take with a lab because it seems I’m shut out of every other GLY class just because I took this one.


Meghan Bathke

We have been learning about diversity and racism since I can remember; however, it does not seem to be sinking in. This article explains race as a very broad idea that is complex and hard to assign just one definition to. Race cannot be chosen and its a fact of life, people are going to be different from you, and it is okay.  It amazed me in the story when the author told about how his eight year old cousin called his African American friend a very bad racial slur. What could possibly make a kid at age eight want to hurt somebody like that, and where is he learning this? None the less I feel that this article was helpful because it thoroughly in depth explained race and gave us a better understanding of where the author was coming from.        Meghan Bathke

I know it is sort of late but I thought that last class definitely deserved to be mentioned. So far with my experiences with classes at SUNY Cortland, they have practically all been huge lecture halls where all we do is take notes. Therefore, it is kind of refreshing when we go to COR and it is a smaller crowd that allows us to do in class activities. Instead of Kaitlin just lecturing to us about themes of the novel or about the content, she gave us a chance to get involved discussing important quotes from the novel. I also thought it was a good idea to have members from all of the diverse clubs on campus to come in. I would have never thought of attending any of those clubs because none of them pertained to me but they told us that it did not matter any one could join.

Meghan Bathke

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