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This past Saturday night, myself and some of my friends went to see the Cortland theater company perform Throughly Modern Millie. I was really excited to go, because I thought the play looked interesting and have wanted to see it since it was first on Broadway. The tickets were seven dollars, which I thought was a little pricey, however it was well worth it. The cast was extremely enthusiastic and the entire play went smoothly. They sang together without missing a note and danced together without missing a step. I was quite impressed to say the least. If anyone is interested the play will be showing next weekend as well. I recommend going!

As far as the other play that I saw this past weekend, Misery, I was not as impressed. I found the general storyline interesting, when you read it on paper, however on stage it was extremely boring. The dialogue was dry and the plot similar. It attempted suspense, but failed. All in all I was not pleased with the play.



So I just finished the sequal to Crank, Glass, by Ellen Hopkins. This book tells the story of a teenage girl that becomes addicted to crystal meth. It is very scary, but interesting, to see just how addicting the drug is. She ruins her entire life by commiting herself to it. I could never understand how someone could become so consumed by an addiction, but this book clearly shows you how. I hope that the girl in the story finally did get help, because the book is loosely based on the true life story of the authors daughter.

I strongly suggest this book to anyone, it is an easy and interesting read. The way that Ms. Hopkins writes is beautiful, from her wording to her structure. The books are long; Crank is about 400 pages and Glass is 680. Dont be discouraged! If you are looking for a fun read check them out!

-Cait Godfrey

After completing this quiz, I was not so shocked to find that my strong point is Kinesthetic Study Strategies. I always find that when I am learning something new that it helps if I act it out or haveĀ a real life example. Quizes like this are always interesting beacause of the way that they can pick out perfectly your strong points.

-Cait Godfrey

This Saturday Quinn and I went to downtown Ithaca with some girlfriends. The town was having an apple festival and we got to enjoy many different types of apples and good music. I enjoyed Ithaca because of its artsy feel. Festivals are really fun to go to because there are always so many different things to do. I’m looking foward to our towns Pumpkin festival this coming weekend. Making jack-o-lanterns always marks the beginning of fall, and I cant wait to make them with my new friends.

I found the lecture interesting because we had read an article by him, and to hear him talk was informative. Mr. McKibben told us about two main problems, 1. economic growth is causing global warming and 2. is the economic growth making us any happier? We, as humans, in today’s society are looking for ways to grow and expand. Everyone is always in such a hurry. This lifestyle is not making us happy. We replace one failed desire with another. We recently talked about this in my Prejudice, Discrimination and Morality class, not many people are actually happy, the media just fills us up with false wants and desires, which then leads to addiciton, of many types. Mr. McKibben told us this when he said,”Americas default assumption is more is better.” He described how we live in huge homes with little emotional contact with other humans. This scared me, I want to be happy when I am older, not just successful. I believe America needs to get back to basics with things like family dinners and family vacations, where you actually spend time with your family. If we want this world to last much longer we must start caring for it.


So I’m a little late, but its always better late than never right? Last tuesday I attended the art gallery with Quinn and her friend Eli. I enjoyed going because art was always an interesting subject to me. I do not attend art galleries often, however when I do I tend to enjoy them. There were a couple of original Picasso’s so that was interesting. I look foward to more gallery showing.


I found this article by Malcom X very interesting. I never knew that he was so illiterate. He presentedhimself as such an educated man, I now know that he was self educated. I think that it is a wonderful thing that they allow people in prison to read and that they are rewarded when they do so. Reading can open up new worlds and I believe that in this case it has a almost calming effect on the inmates. I couldnt believe that he was so passionate about learning new words that he copied the entire dictionary! I thought that it showed his true passion when he said that, ‘three or four hours of sleep a night was enough for me.”(4). It was also good that his reading caused him to see the inequalities in the world against his race, he ignited a fire among other African Americans, without his knowledge or his passion they would be in a very different place then they are right now.


I believe that it is important that while in COR we learn to budget our time, which is what we have had to do this week. In addition to that I believe we should talk about balancing our home life and our new college life. I’m worried about losing touch with my friends from home. I know everybody says that you rarely keep your friends from high school…but I really love mine!


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