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I cannot make the lunch tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have a make up lab scheduled. Sorry!- Cassandra McNamara 


I am inspired by Gruwell’s determination to make her dreams become a reality, however as I have previously stated, her arrogance irritates me. Does anyone else wish that they could travel as much as these kids?

Hello all, I enjoyed this book but I was not sure she was exactly “teaching with her heart” but rather with her ego. I did think that in the beginning she was very modest and all about the students. That may have purely been because she was new at her job, and wanted to excel. Once she was put into a position of power and grew more and more powerful, things just came very easily to her. The part in which she said she had never assumed she would lose when running for congress was downright egocentric. I did enjoy reading this book because I believe that she did have good intentions and did a lot for her students, however she grew to care more about what she was doing for the students, rather than how it affected them.
– Cassandra McNamara

Also on Wednesday, the Dragn Chronicle meets. Although I do not yet attend these meetings, I did write for my High School Newspaper. I found it a great way to express myself and talk baout changes or trends I wanted people to notice about my school. If you enjoy writing, this sounds like it could be alot of fun. The dragon Chronicle meets at 117 Corey Union on Wednesdays at 9:30.
-Cassandra McNamara

I really enjoy singing. A club that has appealed to this interest is gospel choir. I always thought that gospel singers had such strong voices, they rang throughout any area. I aspire to sing as well as they do. I have a conflict because I have gymnastics practice at the same time as gospel choir, but I would recommend that if any of you like to sing like I do you give gospel choir a shot. I am goig to try to attend this, or next, Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Dowd Fine Arts Center.
-Cassandra McNamara

The two essays i read were very intriguing. It was interesting to see how other people interpreted this assignment. I do not want to disclose any personal information about the authors of the essays i read because they could be a little personal to the writers but they were both very well written. I feel a little closer to these two people after reading their essays. I was also wondering, did we have any other assignments for this week because my syllabus does not have past last week, im not sure if this is true for everyone.

I am very proud that our campus has a facility such as Raquette Lake. It is incredibly interesting that Camp Huntington cannot even be reached by land but that a boat has to be taken across Raquette Lake to get there. I find it fascinating that in the winter, an ice road is created to get to this property. I did not realize how many things could be done at these facilities. The idea of hands on learning in a high tech. facility with beautiful hiking trails sounds like fun. I was surprised at how many different campuses use these facilities, and how often they are used by our own campus.
-Cassandra McNamara

I find it disheartening that as the years pass less young people get involved in their communities. These two articles make me want to get more involved in my campus community, and my surrounding communities. I would love to work with children, or to simply attend more campus-wide civic engagement events. I am glad that at least our generation has had increasing numbers of students getting involved in the community around them. It is a good idea for SUNY Cortland to sponsor campus wide events about bettering the community around them. Hopefully, students will partake in these events, become involved, volunteer, and recycle.
-Cassandra McNamara

The football game on Saturday was alot of fun. I got really into watching it. I enjoyed the who package of being at the game, from the cheerleaders, to the two dance teams that performed, to the actual game itself. It was really fun to watch our team come back when behind by ten points, and then to win. We only won by three points so the game was really close and very interesting. I loved cheering for our team.
-cassandra mcnamara

This event was very well put together. Her comedy was really well planned, and it did not appear that she was trying too hard. I also think that her poetry held alot of meaning behind it, and you could tell when she read it aloud that she was proud of it. Being a poet myself, it was intriguing to hear someones published work. I appreciated the idea that she gave to tell a joke when you visit a hospital to see someone because they have enough people telling them they are sympathetic already. Laughter is good medicine. To make someone sick laugh, is to make them forget for a second that they are ailing. I thought her ideas on this subject were right on. The only thing I felt uncomfortable about it that the audience was not too into her performance because mos tof them were forced to be there for a class so they were not there out of free will. I wish the audience had laughed a little more, and let themselves get engulfed in her philosophies.
-Cassandra McNamara

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