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I really enjoyed Mr. McKibben’s presentation. I got there too late to find a seat but it was worth standing for. Mr. McKibben brought up many serious things going on with our earth that many people do not know are taking place. For example the temperature of the planet has already been increased by one degree and will increase more and more for the years to come. Large pieces on ice are melting and polar bears are becoming endangered. The heat of the ocean is also causing tragic storms such as hurricane Katrina. Another point Mr. McKibben brought up is that we are led to believe that any growth in the economy results in an increased amount of happiness. This however is not true. The bigger our houses are, the further we live apart from each other. 3/4 of Americans do not even know their next-door neighbors. Another problem with a growing economy is that it directly increases pollution. Which also increases global warming. If we do not do something about this problem soon it may be too late.


I found the lecture interesting because we had read an article by him, and to hear him talk was informative. Mr. McKibben told us about two main problems, 1. economic growth is causing global warming and 2. is the economic growth making us any happier? We, as humans, in today’s society are looking for ways to grow and expand. Everyone is always in such a hurry. This lifestyle is not making us happy. We replace one failed desire with another. We recently talked about this in my Prejudice, Discrimination and Morality class, not many people are actually happy, the media just fills us up with false wants and desires, which then leads to addiciton, of many types. Mr. McKibben told us this when he said,”Americas default assumption is more is better.” He described how we live in huge homes with little emotional contact with other humans. This scared me, I want to be happy when I am older, not just successful. I believe America needs to get back to basics with things like family dinners and family vacations, where you actually spend time with your family. If we want this world to last much longer we must start caring for it.


  I really enjoyed Mr. McKibben’s presentation this evening.  I felt that his presentation style was very beneficial mainly because he was so realistic.  On top of presenting a plethera of information I felt that he provided humor and made connections that us as students can relate to.  I checked out the website he talked about and found it very informative.  The students involved are very dedicated an it seems to me that Bill’s turtle is doing whatever it takes to fight the on going issue of global warming along with other environmental issues.  When he was presenting I didn’t feel at all like he was overbearing with too many facts, the way he made references to “the oversized houses on culdesac.” I found it humorous yet real and informative.  In regards to the November 3rd organization for the informational sessions, I think that it a great idea.  The previous attempt on April 14th brought attention of these issues to 1,400 people.  Now that people know that it was a success I feel more people are going to want to have an even bigger turnout next time.  This presentation was a real eye-opener and I think it was beneficial for us to see.

-Britt Ballard

I thought that Bill McKibben was a great speaker. He really got to the facts, and finished his speech very quickly and directly went to his point. I agree that people are becoming less part of the community, and more “individualistic.” I thought that this point was really interesting. I barely know the people that are on my street, and that is really upsetting. I always wanted to have one of those “block parties” to get the whole neighborhood together. People need to venture out into the community more, and turn the television sets off!


Hello. I attended the guest speaker tonight with the rest of the class. I was a little hesitant, being that I have never heard Mr. McKibben speak, and wansn’t sure what to expect. But as he got more into depth, I realized that I truly enjoyed listening to him. He spoke with great passion, which made his speech interesting. The connecting that he made were also very interesting. For example, he talked of how Farmer’s Market, and the positive social impact that they are having in the economic world. The videos that he showed before he spoke also had a positive impact on me. Overall, I am very happy that I went. I know feel that I have a better understanding of how Global Warming is truly impacting our world.


Its nuts to think that people are still questioning the idea of global warming, when it is so apparently obvious that our world is in distress.  It is my hope that those who are ignorent to the idea become informed and that we all work together to find a way to insure the safty our lives and the lives of many generations ahead. 

Katie Webb

I think Bill McKibben’s arguement was extremely valid. He brought up several points that we’re dealing with today. His mention of Hurricane Katrina really had an effect on me. Knowing that due to Global Warming, Hurricane Rita was worsened frightens me. What will happen in the future, a natural tragedy worse than Hurricane Katrina? I think global warming is a really important topic that the government is avoiding as of today. I think that government officials feel that the problem is just that. It’s not an issue anymore, it’s a problem. I believe many people feel that global warming is way bigger than they are and that they have little to no influence on how it will affect us in the future. Overall, I believe Bill McKibben’s article was really strong and informative.


To me, it’s incredible that some people still aren’t getting the concept of global warming. Newsflash! Global warming is becomming a serious problem! It’s hard for me to think that people don’t care about their future generations. Today, everyone is used to a certain lifestyle where we  seem to take advantage of the many things we have. I do believe that one person can make a difference; however, it’s going to take more than just one to make global warming slow down a bit. Our environment is an important place and I just wish more people would realize that. Unfortunatly, I don’t think many people will make too many changes until it’s too late. I really didn’t know too many facts about global warming, but I knew enough to know that it was bad and that it’s approaching faster than many think. And now, after reading the article I know more, and believe that something must be done. I believe that everyone should read this article just to put the facts out there and to show that global warming is definitly not something we want sticking around.

This afternoon we’ll welcome the chair of the Geography Dept. to our class for what I hope will be a lively discussion about the world your generation is inheriting. Very soon, it will be yours to protect or ? Well that’s today’s conversation.

Click on this link to meet Dr. Scott Anderson, our guest today.

Be sure you have read your McKibben piece from Harpers Magazine. KES

It is unbelievable that some people still debate over the issue of global warming. It is real, we are seeing the effects of it everyday, and everywhere. It is scary to think of what is happening to our environment. We created this problem, and I believe that we have to find a solution. My mom is a huge environmentalist, and some of her influence has rubbed off on me. I used to question her when she would put all of her purchases in one shopping bag while in the mall, sometimes she would even put stuff into her purse. At this, I would roll my eyes in embarresment. Now that I’m older, I find my Mom’s thinking pure genius. Why do we have to put all of our purchases into different bags? It is creating so much extra waste, while adding even more things that we have to carry? I don’t get why people are so wasteful!

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