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This past weekend, on Tuesday, my roommate and I went to the scuba diving event down at Park. I have never done it before, and have always wanted to. And I am so glad we went. It was really weird at first to put my face into the water and then still breathe, but I got used to it. The water got really cold, so I got out. But I don’t regret getting in. It was so much fun. I really recommend going to anyone if this event happens again.



I also attended this event. Despite the long wait, I liked it. I got very uneasy through some of the scenes though. It truly opened my eyes to a reality that I have never experienced, or at least, not like I thought I did. I am from a very diverse area, so some of the issues that were brought up I have experienced. But the acting was very good. One of my building’s RAs was in it, and he did a very good job.


       On Tuesday night I attended one of the first movies on Native Americans here on campus. It was titled “Mohawk Girls,” and it involved three different teenage girls, of Native American decent, and how they were learning to grow up in today’s world. One deals with her parents being divorced, and she now lives with her grandmother. One is not motivation in school at all. She fails most of her classes, and seemed kind of proud to admit that to the camera. And the third is about a young teen how is dealing with living with her mom, while her father is overseas in the army, and who also is divorced from her mother and now has another family. All three are very dedicated to learning about the past, and one is even shown in footage graduating from her culture school. The director of this movie, Tracy Deer, is also the narrator, who provides her own insight and personal footage throughout the movie.    

     It was really cool to gain insight on another culture besides my own. I think that more people need to do this to gain an understanding for one another. It’s a good idea to go to things like this. Another movie is going to be shown next Tuesday at 7, in Sperry 104. I recommend going!


Dear Cor 101 Class /future English teachers,

Please attend the English Club’s Halloween Bash tonight from 6-9 pm in the Mezzanine. (3rd Floor Old Main) We will have food, mucis and prizes for the best costumes. This is a great opportunity for you to meet with current English Club members and hopefully join our ever expanding club. I would personally love to meet with you, as I am currently in Cortland’s graduate program for Adolescent English Education.

Thanks and hope to see you all later!

Amanda McKenney (President of English Club)

PS: English Club members will be in costume… Don’t be shy!

Overall, I felt a little uneasy after this play. I am used to the happy, cheerful type of plays, so going to a play of this genre was a first for me. I enjoyed the scenery, and the lighting was done very well. I was a stage manager at my high school for three years, so these types of factors interest me very much. As the play progressed, I became more and more uneasy. I am not good with scary movies, and this play was around those lines. My least favorite part was when she cut off his legs, and the theater went dark. I felt as if I was going to throw up! After that moment, I just wanted the play to end with a happy moment and be over with. I will say that the acting by the main characters was good, but the dialogue was a little drawn out, and I found myself losing concenration at some points. I can’t say that I would recommend this play, because I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped.


Hey everyone! My family weekend was pretty good. I felt like I didn’t have anything to entertain my parents with though. I wanted to be able to walk them around and show them the campus more but it just seemed like we never had time. I think my expectations were too high =(. They went to the football game, mostly to see me perform, and then we went to the volleyball game. Overall a good weekend. See you soon


Despite the cold weather, Cortland played an amazing game on Saturday. I attended the game with my family. I am from a small town, so going to a big game like Cortland was a huge experience for them. Especially my brother, who I think was most interested in eating the food that the concession stand had to offer. During half-time, both Dance Works and Kickline performed, and both did great. My parents loved being involved in the game atmosphere, and out of everything we did on family weekend, it’s what they talked about the most.


Last night, at 8:00 in Old Main, there was a performance.  The Fault Line is an Acapella group, who is just simply amazing.  I’m so glad my mother had brought tickets to go and see them.  I had no idea who they were and what kind of music they played.  I was very impressed with their performance.  Their performance was very intriguing.  They are very talented individuals.  There are 5 members of the group and they all play phenomal roles.  Adam and Jeff are both tenors and Justin is a vocal percussionist and also a baritone and Matt sings the bass.  I enjoyed their performance so much I just had to get their CD and a shirt!  I’m  looking forward to keeping intouch with the group throught “myspace” and e-mail.   

Cassandra Leggio

I know i just blogged a few hours ago but I received another e-mail about an event that I think would be important for us students to attend.Wellness Wednesday is presenting “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”; a presentation about sex and abstinence or how to deal with sex if you don’t choose to wait for marriage. Mary Dykeman, a public health director from Jacobus Center for Reproductive Health, will be discussing things such as STDs, contraceptives, relationships, abstinence, and so forth. The seminar is taking place tomorrow (Wednesday), October 17th in the Corey Union Lounge. I think it’s an important topic especially in the enviornment that we’re all in now. Hope this information was helpful to you if you didn’t receive the e-mail. See you all tomorrow <333 (hehe)


I want to encourage all of you to go and hear Chris Shaw on TH night. Some of you were not able to make the McKibben lecture. This is an acceptable substitute and there’s music to boot!

Here is some information about Shaw and his music. Do check it out. KES

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