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Awright, as far as things that I’m passionate about… there really aren’t too many. I’m starting to get into reading, and I’m pretty into music, but as far as things that I’m always up for and always ready to talk about the only thing that comes to mind is stand up comedy. I can actually remember the first time I heard stand up. I was probably about six and it was on the way to Vermont with my family. My mom or Dad had a tape of Bill Cosby and they through it in. The only joke I can remember is him talking about how he fed his kids chocolate cake for breakfast cause when you think about it.. it has eggs n milk n water all pretty good things, no? Anyhoo his wife finds out and flips and he goes into detail about it. Very funny. After that trip I had always asked to hear it again but we lost it or something. After a while I guess I forgot about it. Then in 6th grade I ended up watching Kevin James cause I didn’t know what it was before watching it. Since then I’ve been hooked. My closest friend I actually made through stand up,  we’d watch it on Friday (Friday night stand up on comedy central.. used to be like 6 hours of stand up) then talk about t on Monday… been friends ever since. I love the art of the joke. Timing, words, rhythm, originality… a good joke requires just as much thinking as a good poem.  K so I guess stand up would be my “Turtle”


   We were told to blog about what we have a passion for. When thinking really hard about this, I’m still dumbfounded as to what I truly have a passion for. But I guess that’s what the whole college experience will do for me. It will (hopefully) make me see and understand what I am good at and what I truly do love to do. I see how  “The First Turtle” pertains to that subject.


            It is intriguing that at such a young age, someone can find their true passion in life.  I myself at a young age found that my desire was to be a teacher, and as time went on I realized that English is what would be my main focus.  English was never my strong point when it came to grammar and design, but the creative aspect.  I look forward to showing students the strength in English.  It is my passion to have students that share my passion.


Katie Webb

While reading “Still Life with Turtle” by David Carroll, I found myself interested in the fact that by the time the author was age eight, he had already decided what he loved, and that passion was turtles. Carroll stated that “… I marveled at the feel of the turtle in my hands. It was as if I had been allowed to clasp life itself in my hands.” The moment he laid eyes upon that first turtle he knew he had to hold it and that is exactly what he did. The very first moment with turtles sparked his life long interest. The more I read, the more I found myself constantly seeing similarities to my own life. As this child moved to his new town very far away he set out for adventure and eventually found his life long passion. Whereas I am a college freshman embarking on my new adventure miles away from home trying to find what it is I will truly love doing. However, for me, my passion is not turtles, but one could say that my “turtle” is reading and creative writing. No matter what the content is i have always loved to read and write and would enjoy sharing that passion with other people. Hence, my passion of reading and writing or my “turtles” is why I have a desire to teach and is why I attend SUNY Cortland

“Still Life with Turtles” was interesting, to say the least. I think it is a bit creepy how he got obsessed with turtles. But I think the story isn’t just about a boy being entranced by turtles and wildlife. Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to this story, yet I really can’t pick out what it is. I would think there has to be. I did like how the author  used so much imagery to describe the way he felt about things.  ” It glimmered in dragonfly wings and sporadic silver- beaded sprays torred up by leaping frogs.” That was a favorite line of mine. He is correct when he says that people are threatened by things non-human. I believe that people are afraid of others stepping out of line and doing their own thing. Overall i understood the reading, and thought it was entertaining.


In response to reading “The First Turtle,” by Carroll i was intrigued by learning how much the story related to the college experience.  Baiscally, we are all new to eachother and everyone elece.  This is a step foward in out learning career.  We all must take advantage of the knowledge provided.  It’s necessary, like the eight year old boy in the story, to venture off and find what strikes our intrest.  In a way, its frightening to imerse youself with a new way of life.  In third grade, the boy in the story made a friend.  Friends are a huge part of college.  I think we as students must be involved with the University in one way or another.  By doing this, friends, with the same passion as you will be made.  When we all find what makes us think, we must challange our selves and that is what will make a sucess story.   

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