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Hi, my name is Sara . I cannot wait to be a teacher! I love english , and it has been my favorite subject every since i could remember! I also love to write. So it should be an exciting 4- 5 years!


Hi, i’m Meghin! I chose English because I love reading, above anything else. I love to write things as well. I’m not 100% sure that this will be the path that I will forever stay on, but right now i’m content being in this major.

My name is Kaitlin and I’m going to be your TA. I’m a junior at Cortland and (obviously) I am an English education major. My home is in Apalachin, which is about an hour away from school. If I’m not reading a book, I’m listening to music, or playing lacrosse.


For the most part, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I chose English because I love to read. Also, reading and writing is always different depending on who’s doing it, whereas other subjects never seem to change (for example, history). In the last two years at Cortland, I’ve discovered that there is a lot more to teaching English than I was aware of. Most of what I have learned has been fascinating, and has only strengthened my desire to teach.


I look forward to exploring this major with you throughout the semester. If you have any questions about anything, never hesitate to ask.

Dear Students,

Welcome to our blog site–for yours and my and Kaitlin’s musings. We both look forward to meeting you next week if not before.

For our first post, I’d like you to share 1–your thoughts on choosing your major. Some of you may be absolutely committed to becoming a teacher; others of you may be unsure and seekers. 2–upload a picture of yourself or if you prefer an image that represents you. Say hello. We’ll all say hello back.

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