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I thought that Bill McKibben was a great speaker. He really got to the facts, and finished his speech very quickly and directly went to his point. I agree that people are becoming less part of the community, and more “individualistic.” I thought that this point was really interesting. I barely know the people that are on my street, and that is really upsetting. I always wanted to have one of those “block parties” to get the whole neighborhood together. People need to venture out into the community more, and turn the television sets off!



Hello. I attended the guest speaker tonight with the rest of the class. I was a little hesitant, being that I have never heard Mr. McKibben speak, and wansn’t sure what to expect. But as he got more into depth, I realized that I truly enjoyed listening to him. He spoke with great passion, which made his speech interesting. The connecting that he made were also very interesting. For example, he talked of how Farmer’s Market, and the positive social impact that they are having in the economic world. The videos that he showed before he spoke also had a positive impact on me. Overall, I am very happy that I went. I know feel that I have a better understanding of how Global Warming is truly impacting our world.


So I’m a little late, but its always better late than never right? Last tuesday I attended the art gallery with Quinn and her friend Eli. I enjoyed going because art was always an interesting subject to me. I do not attend art galleries often, however when I do I tend to enjoy them. There were a couple of original Picasso’s so that was interesting. I look foward to more gallery showing.


This past weekend I visited SUNY Oneonta to visit my best friend Danielle.  Oneonta’s mascot is the Red Dragons, and their colors are red, black and white.  They also had resident halls names Hayes, Fitz, and Shea.  Although there were so many similarities, I noticed all the differences.  After being at SUNY Cortland for just over a month, I know for a fact this is the place for me.  I guess it was a good experience for me to see how other campuses worked.  The buildings there were newer, however I love our setup so much more.  Yes we have the beast hill, but they have to walk 11 minutes just to get to one class.  This was a change of scenery which was nice for the weekend, but the visit made me realize how much I love it here at Cortland.  I would have to say we are the better Red Dragons! -Brittany Ballard

Here is the assignment for anyone who did not walk away w/the yellow handout last week. I’m in my office all afternoon up until the lecture tonight. Come by if you like. 114-B OLD MAIN.

COR 101—Reptiles and Me: Objects of Desire
“Get—It-Down” Draft due on 9/26

Turtle was the alphabet of a new language.
–David Carroll

Re-read the David Carroll piece on his fascination with turtles. Note the detail with which he explains the roads that fascination has sent him wandering. Note, specifically, the fullness of his description of this passion.

Imagine the turtle in this piece as Carroll’s intellectual project, that is, the project that consumes him, wrestles him to the ground, fills him up, gives him a life’s work.

Begin to explore your own turtle, or one of your own turtles. What is it your mind is drawn to? What does it like to focus on? What does it like to work on? Think about? Investigate? Where is it most comfortable intellectually? For example, I have never enjoyed spending time in an outdoor, a laboratory or office setting but I have always gravitated to bookstore and library spaces.

In this draft (a minimum of 3 typed double spaced pp.) explore your own turtle paying particular attention to its genesis, its origin and how you have “worked it” to date. Use Carroll’s piece as a model for how you might detail your own interest. Be specific!! Don’t generalize. NO ONE else in our COR class should be able to claim your turtle paper. Be in touch if you want to talk about this assignment. I will be in my office next Tues. for conversation. I will post those hours on the blog. Prior to Tues. you can contact me by email and on the blog.

Bring 3 word-processed copies of this draft to class on the 26th.

I am very proud that our campus has a facility such as Raquette Lake. It is incredibly interesting that Camp Huntington cannot even be reached by land but that a boat has to be taken across Raquette Lake to get there. I find it fascinating that in the winter, an ice road is created to get to this property. I did not realize how many things could be done at these facilities. The idea of hands on learning in a high tech. facility with beautiful hiking trails sounds like fun. I was surprised at how many different campuses use these facilities, and how often they are used by our own campus.
-Cassandra McNamara

I find it disheartening that as the years pass less young people get involved in their communities. These two articles make me want to get more involved in my campus community, and my surrounding communities. I would love to work with children, or to simply attend more campus-wide civic engagement events. I am glad that at least our generation has had increasing numbers of students getting involved in the community around them. It is a good idea for SUNY Cortland to sponsor campus wide events about bettering the community around them. Hopefully, students will partake in these events, become involved, volunteer, and recycle.
-Cassandra McNamara

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